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My Story
Photo by KW Photos

In 2003 at age 31, I received a devastating diagnosis that radically changed the trajectory of my life. The specialists told me it would be a miracle if I lived to see 50.  So, when I woke up on my 49th birthday, I became acutely aware that this day represented a unique opportunity.


If the doctors were right, this would be my last birthday. 

So, I started capturing the lessons learned, mistakes made, and faith-infused insights from my life in a journal that ultimately birthed this blog.

It turns out that birthday wouldn’t be my last, as the doctors had predicted. But a few months after I turned 50, my health took another major hit – an aggressive form of breast cancer. 

Having stared death in the face twice now, I am more convinced than ever that how we live our one life, regardless of the number of years, matters forever. We are all human. We all suffer, albeit in different ways and to various extents. But with faith and authenticity, in community, I believe we can all live well, love well, and lead well. 

I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

Photo by KW Photos

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