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Mobilizing the Troops

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

It’s all been a blur since D-day.

I had no idea that the first visit to the oncologist would result in five more appointments the following week alone – a consultation with a gastroenterologist to discuss chemo’s effect on my already-damaged liver; an echocardiogram since chemo can be hard on the heart too; an MRI to check for the dreaded “spread”; an outpatient procedure to place the chemo port; and my very own personalized chemo lesson the day before my first infusion.

It’s too much for one brain—one body—to process. That’s why you need an army.

While you’re being poked and prodded, dutifully trudging from one medical appointment to the next, the troops are quietly mobilizing, guerilla-style, with laser precision in pursuit of one goal—defeating the enemy.

While this warfare may be unconventional, anyone who has fought this battle knows how effective it can be. They storm the gates of heaven with bold prayers and fiery faith.

They organize and sign up for meal deliveries. They bring books and text scripture verses. They scrub your toilets and wash your laundry. They mow your grass and bathe your dog. They hug you and cry with you. They talk you down and coach you up. They shave their heads and get pink tattoos.

These specialized forces, armed with compassion, faith, and love, relentlessly pursue victory on your behalf, with full assurance that their General is skillfully leading them through the battle.

They—and you—can trust Him to guide and protect and encourage the troops through brutal battles. Nothing catches Him off guard. Nothing is beyond His reach.

That’s why even though the fighting is fierce, the surrender can still be sweet.

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